FIBCs Jumbo Bag / Bulk Bag

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBCs), also known as Jumbo Bag, Bulk Bag or Ton Bag, is an economic and ideal packing solution for storage and transportation of bulk commodity products in loose form. It is widely used in food, construction, petrochemical, oil & gas and agricultural industries. Some factories also use this bag to contain their scheduled waste for disposal.

Jumbo bags are generally manufactured from thick polypropylene fabric that come with UV stabilized to increase shelf life against UV degradation. It is environment friendly and can be fully recycled.

Our common types of FIBCs Jumbo Bag

  1. Top Open Bottom Close
  2. Top Duffle Bottom Close
  3. Top Duffle Bottom Spout
  4. Top Spout Bottom Spout
  • Top Open
  • Top Duffle
  • Top Spout
  • Bottom
  • Bottom Spout